How to Save Big at Sprouts

Sprouts is my favorite place to shop for healthy food. They are really easy to shop, accept coupons and have great prices on grass fed beef and organic foods. I also love their personal care department.

Sprouts presently DOES NOT have an official coupon policy. This is good news because it means the “coupon rules” are up to the cashier or the store manager. I am usually able to use a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon on ONE item at Sprouts without any problems.

That might change, however, when they find out I've published this. I'll keep you posted!

If they give me a hard time for using both coupons, I tell them that the store doesn’t have a formal coupon policy, so there are no rules that say I cannot use both. I say this politely, of course.

The trick to saving big at Sprouts is to go on Double Ad Wednesdays, when you get last week’s deals and the new week’s deals on the same day. This is great because if there’s a sale on an item, such as organic eggs, you can get the deal two weeks in a row by going on Wednesdays.

You will want to sign up for Sprouts newsletter because they send out coupons and notifications when the ads come out on Tuesdays.

Be sure to print out your Sprouts coupons and keep them together in your coupon organizer.

Even if you never clip out a coupon, going to Sprouts to buy your Paleo items when they are on sale will still get you a great deal. Just planning ahead will help you save a bundle even if you don’t want to clip coupons.

When Sprouts has a sale on an item like coconut oil, it’s probably a good time to buy it. Even better is if there’s a coupon in your binder and/or a Sprouts coupon in their coupon booklet. Sometimes there are no coupons, but the sale makes your coconut oil a great price. If the price is good, pick up a couple until the next sale comes around.

There is usually a stack of coupon booklets near the front door when you walk in. They are also usually hanging up in the aisles. Also, check for coupons at the desk in the personal care department. (I found Dr. Bronner’s coupons there with no expiration date!)

Grab one or two of the coupon booklets, flip through it and see if there’s anything in the book that matches up with your shopping list for that week. I usually keep a couple of those booklets in my binder just in case they run out of them toward the end of the month.

Remember, coupons are part of a manufacturer’s marketing program. If there is a coupon that is available, there is probably going to be a sale on the item before the coupon expires.

That’s why it’s important to keep your coupons organized until you need them. If you don’t want to put all of the coupons you get into your organizer, keep them somewhere just in case a crazy sale comes up and you decide to use them. Just don’t throw them away until they expire!

The coupons in the Sprouts books are Store Coupons with a one per household limit. If you want to use more than one Sprouts coupon, bring along your spouse or a friend and do two transactions.

I rarely have issues with coupons here. If they are out of something, ask them for a rain check. They are usually good for thirty days.

Got questions? e-mail me: ChristineESpringer [at] gmail.