How To Make Supercharged Coffee

By Christine Springer

If you follow paleo you probably know about Bulletproof Coffee. After I read about it, I saw this recipe for Primal Egg Coffee.

I have been paleo since 2012. When I started crossfit, I had to rethink paleo, because I wasn't eating enough of the right stuff.

Coach Tiffany at Wildfire Crossfit suggested a 2500 calorie eating plan, with 200 grams of protein per day. I had to get creative about getting more protein into my diet.

I started tinkering with this recipe around the time I sat down with her. Technically, it's not Bulletproof, and it's not paleo either, but it gets a lot of things that are good for you, along with my beloved coffee, into one drink.

I make this at home almost every day. I feel great afterwards and I am not usually hungry until around 1 p.m.

Note: please use common sense here. If you are allergic to eggs or dairy, eliminate them. If you are freaked out by raw eggs, eliminate them.

Here's what I use to make this. I use a French press and a mini Ninja blender that I got for $12 during a sale at Fry's.

For today, I used organic eggs, Kerrygold butter, and Spectrum coconut oil. I always use the Kerrygold. Sometimes I vary the coffee. I like the Kirkland coffee from Costco, and the coconut oil is whatever I have in my stockpile.

BTW: Costco has the best price on grass fed butter in Phoenix. You get three big bars for around $7.

I had a Keurig several years ago when they first came out. It's in my garage now. Those pods are piling up in landfills, and they are expensive even with coupons.

Besides that, I think the French press is hard to beat for making a great cup of coffee. Of course, I got this one for a deal at Xmas last year for $15.

I put two organic eggs into the Ninja. These eggs were not on sale. They aren't cheap, either. Fortunately, I save enough money on the rest of the things I buy to justify spending $5 for a carton of organic eggs.

I am using organic because they are going in raw. I'm not sure what vegetarian feed means, either, and getting real pastured eggs is not really an option. So I'll settle for organic.

I scoop some butter into the Ninja. I leave it out on the counter in a sealed container so I don't have to microwave it. I hardly ever use a microwave except to kill germs on my dish towels.

Add the coconut oil. I just scoop some in.

My secret ingredient! Definitely NOT paleo. But I do have some carbs to spend in my daily diet, and this tastes awesome. Don't use too much.

Brew your coffee and blend up your ingredients in the Ninja. Yep, mine is very strong.

Your blended mixture will look something like this.

Add your coffee to the Ninja and spin again. This will temper the eggs, so they're not completely raw. If you've ever made custard or homemade ice cream, it's very similar. However, if you reheat this mixture in the microwave you will get scrambled egg coffee.

It comes out looking like this. The eggs give it the foam on top, just like your favorite $5 beverage from you-know-where.

Breakfast is served!