How Many Newspapers Should You Buy?

In this post, I'll share my tips on newspaper coupons.

In the past three years, I've figured out numerous time saving hacks for reducing the amount of time I spend managing newspaper coupons.

First, some questions I am asked frequently:

Should you get a subscription for your papers?

You'll have to decide for yourself.

I do not have subscriptions to the newspaper for a couple of reasons.

First, the local paper deals are only for a certain period of time and then the price goes up.

Also, on Sundays I like to go out for coffee, get my papers, and do some shopping. I work from home during the week so I like getting out of the house on Sundays.

Some weeks, usually holidays, will not have coupons in the papers. I don't buy the paper to read it. I don't want to buy the paper if there are no coupons.

How do you know if there will not be inserts in the paper this week? How can I find out the coupons coming this Sunday?

Subscribe to the Sunday Coupon Preview by e-mail. They send out e-mails with a list of the coupons coming in each insert before Sunday.

This is pretty cool, because if you see a coupon you like, you know you'll want to buy more papers.

Also, you know how many inserts to expect before you buy the paper.

Last week, one of my FB friends posted that she bought three papers and there were no coupons in them.


If you checked the Sunday Coupon Preview, you already have an idea of how many inserts to expect.

We don't always get the same number as everyone else. However, when you check your papers for inserts, notice whether they all have the same number of inserts.

If so, your papers probably have all the inserts for your region.

How many papers should you buy?

How many people are in your family? If you have several children you may want to buy as many as six papers. After awhile, you'll know whether you need more or fewer papers each week.

I usually get a minimum of three papers. I do not have a large household. Three papers is usually plenty for my household.

Where should you buy your papers?

My first tip is to check with your local dollar store. You have to get there early because they run out quickly.

Sometimes they will get more papers in on Wednesdays, so if you missed Sunday's paper, call your dollar store and ask if they have papers on Wednesday.

Next, if you find yourself with a few store rewards, like CVS' Extra Bucks, use them to get your papers. On a good week of deals at CVS, I can usually use store rewards to get my papers free. I will explain more on that in a later post.