My Crazy Score on Coconut Oil

Updated Jan 2015: Although this deal is from 2014, it's still a great example of how you CAN score some great deals on healthy foods with coupons!

Earlier I told you about Sprouts' 72 Hour Sale and the coconut oil deal.

This deal turned out to be even better than I thought. It's Nature's Way 16 oz. organic extra virgin coconut oil.

The regular price at Sprouts is $13.49. As you can see, during the 72 Hour Sale, it was marked down to $5.99.

Back in November or December, a Sprouts employee in the supplements section gave me five coupon books full of manufacturer coupons, which I took apart and filed the coupons in my binder. Their expiration date is March 31, 2014.

Combined with the sale, each of these cost about $3.99 plus tax. I bought five, and spent about $23 total.

These days, I am using coconut oil much more than I used to. Aside from my Supercharged Coffee recipe, I have been using it as a body lotion, too. We also use it for cooking.

I am working on a post to show you how to assemble a coupon binder so you have a place to keep all your coupons and stay organized.

I was extremely happy with this deal! My organization certainly paid off here!

There were also $2/1 Jarrow coconut oil coupons hanging in the aisles. I grabbed several of those too, and they are now filed in my binder for a future sale at Sprouts.