Sprouts Double Ad Wednesday Paleo/Primal Deals May 21, 2014

Hello, and welcome to the weekly Sprouts Double Ad Wednesday deals list! Each week, we look at the Sprouts Ad and create two lists, the Double Ad Wednesday (“DAW”) list and the list for the upcoming week’s best deals.

We don’t list ALL the deals, just the best ones. Our goal is to help you save the most each week on healthy foods. If you’re new to shopping at Sprouts, read How to Save Big at Sprouts first.

Also, I have put together a list of Sprouts Coupons for May along with a list of deals that are good all month long, so check those out before you head to the store. You can find their coupon books near the front door, or print coupons from home from their website.

Sprouts takes manufacturer coupons and also has a coupon book at the front door near the entrance with store coupons in it. Sometimes you’ll also find the books hanging at the end of the aisles, too. The coupon books are full of store coupons that are only good at Sprouts.

Don’t forget that the Sprouts Coupons in the May book expire on May 28, 2014, which is next week’s DAW. If there are any deals or coupons you want to use, be sure to use them before the 28th.

Sprouts does not have an official coupon policy, so I am usually able to use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Your mileage may vary at your store.

Note that I have placed the ad date beside each deal so you can tell how long the prices will be in effect.

This week, the Sprouts Big Brand sale continues. They have discounted the price of their best selling items. Keep in mind, however, that the discounts are off the full retail price. (I don’t want anyone to be disappointed when they arrive in the store!) Some of the deals aren’t as great as they look in the ad.

Many of the sale items are continued from last week. I went to Sprouts yesterday, and many of the Big Brand Sale tags show that the prices are good through May 27. Remember, your mileage may vary. It’s best to take your coupons and your list and see what else you find during your shopping trip!

Note that if there is a conflict between the week’s prices, you’ll get the lowest price on Double Ad Wednesday.

Here are the best paleo/primal food deals for Double Ad Wednesday, May 21, 2014:


Madhava Agave or Honey (5/14/14 ad) 35% off

If you haven’t tried their raw honey, it is unbelievable. When these were part of the BOGO sale, they were $9.99 each. I don’t know what the price is, so I’ll update when I visit the store.

Guyaki Items 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

These are healthy alternatives to energy shots. They have yerba mate in them. I’m not a fan of the taste, but I tried these recently and the work just as well as the regular energy shots. Regular price for these is $2.99 at my store, so about $2.27 each.

Honest Tea 30% off (5/14/14 ad)

The Black Forest Berry is my favorite and it comes in a glass jar. They also have varieties in plastic bottles, too. The teas in the glass bottles are regularly $1.69 at my store, so about $1.21 on sale.

Be sure to use the coupon from the Sprouts May Coupon book for $.50/2 to make these $.96 cents each WYB 2!

C20 Coconut Water (5/14/14 ad) 40% off

These are regularly around $1.79 at my store, so $1.11 each.

Arrowhead products 50% off (5/14/14 ad)

Santa Cruz Lemonade 50% off (5/14/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade coupon from coupons.com if you printed it. It’s no longer available. I got these yesterday for around $.89 each!

Sprouts Branded Products (5/21/14 ad) 25% off

The ad shows chips and condiments and says “select items.” There are a couple of Sprouts brand coupons for store items, but most are not Paleo and I am not sure if they are all included. Those coupons are for Sprouts brand pizza, organic tahini, cookies, potstickers, and mac n cheese.

Maranatha Almond Butter (5/21/14 ad) 25% off

These were $5.99 at my store yesterday.

Amy and Brian Coconut Juice (5/21/14 ad) 25% off

Use the $.50/1 Amy and Brian Coconut Juice from the Sprouts May Coupon Book

These are $1.79 at my store, so $.70 each. Usually they will only let you use one store coupon, but YMMV on asking them to accept more than one. I think it’s worth a shot at that price!

Spice Hunter Dip Mixes or Grill Shakers (5/21/14 ad) 25% off

Use the $1/1 newspaper coupon from Sunday’s (5/18/14) paper. Also, watch for coupons hanging on the jars.

Knudsen Juice 25% off (5/21/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 from Mambo Sprouts to get these for a great price. The Rio Red Grapefruit was on clearance at my store for $1.89 so I got the juice for $.89.

Hansen’s Soda (5/21/14 ad) $1.99 at my store

Use the $.50/1 newspaper coupons from last month to get these for $1.50 each. I love Hansen’s, especially the Vanilla Cola and the Root Beer. My Mom is a fan of the Tangerine. They are of course NOT Paleo, but if you want a treat, I think these are a better choice than regular soda with high fructose corn syrup.

As low as $1.50 each with a coupon!

Amy’s Soups and Chili (5/21/14 ad) 30% off

Frozen Food:

So Delicious Desserts 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 So Delicious from coupons.com

Dairy, Alternatives and Refrigerated:

So Delicious Coconut Milk 32 oz. $2.29 each (Monthly Deal)

Use the $1/1 from coupons.com to get these for $.99 each!

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt 30% off (5/14/14 ad)

Greek Gods Yogurt 30% off (5/21/14 ad)

Shamrock Farms Holiday Essentials (5/21/14 ad) 30% off

Pictured are half and half and organic sour cream. I am not sure what else is included, and I am not aware of any coupons. The Organic Sour Cream is unbelievably good, though.

FYI: I recently checked with Shamrock Farms about their organic standards, and they company told me via Facebook that their organic cows are not fed soy!

Meat, Poultry & Seafood:

USDA Choice Boneless Rump Roast $2.99 lb (5/14/14 ad)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast $1.99 lb (5/14/14 ad)

Short Ribs, Stew Meat, Carne Asada $3.99 lb (5/14/14 ad)

Wild Caught Albacore Tuna Steaks $9.99 (5/14/14 ad)

Pork or Chicken Sausage 2 lbs/$5 Friday thru Sunday only (5/21/14 ad)

Baby back pork ribs $2.99 lb (5/21/14 ad)

85% Lean Ground Beef $2.99 (5/21/14 ad)

Boneless skinless chicken thighs $1.99 lb (5/21/14 ad)

Jonah Crab Claws or Alaskan Cod $6.99 lb (5/21/14 ad)

Grass fed lamb $7.99 lb (5/21/14 ad)


Yellow Honey Mangoes 2/$1 (5/14/14 ad)

Yellow Honey Mangoes 3/$1 (5/21/14 ad)

Red bell peppers or avocadoes $.98 each (5/14/14 ad)

Red bell peppers 3/$1 (5/21/14 ad)

Organic Valencia oranges 2/$5 4 lb bag (5/14/14 ad)

Organic Valencia Oranges 4 lb bag $1.98 (5/21/14 ad)

Roma tomatoes or cucumbers $.98 each (5/14/14 ad)

Organic Hass avocadoes or red mangoes 4/$5 (5/14/14 ad)

Organic Hass Avocadoes $.98 each (5/21/14 ad)

Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Strawberries 2/$5 (5/14/14 ad)

Organic blueberries $2.98 (5/14/14 ad)

Pineapple $2/5 (5/14/14 ad)

Organic cantaloupe 2 lbs/$1 (5/14/14 ad)

Cantaloupe $.98 each (5/21/14 ad)

Earthbound Farms Organic Salads (5/14/14 ad) 2/$5 (continued through 5/28/14)

Watch for peelies for $1/2 on the boxes of salads!

As low as $2 each WYB 2 and use a coupon

Large Navel Oranges $.88 lb (5/21/14 ad)

Cluster tomatoes $.98 lb (5/21/14 ad)

Berries: strawberries, blackberries, raspberries 2/$5 (5/21/14 ad)

Organic Bartlett Pears 2 lbs $3 (5/21/14 ad)

Blueberries $.98 each (5/21/14 ad)

Organic Blueberries $2.98 (5/21/14 ad)

Prepared Foods

Strawberry Summer Salad $4.99 each 12 oz. (Monthly deal)

Cobb Salad $4.99 each (5/14/14 ad)

Chef Salad $4.99 (5/21/14 ad)

Chicken skewers with brown rice $4.99


Note: Most of these items are either monthly deals or have been continued through May 28. Remember to check the Sprouts May Monthly Deals for even more deals with coupons.

Gaia Herbs 20% off (Monthly deal)

Nordic Naturals Omega3-6-9 $15.99 (Monthly deal)

Ask the helper in the personal care department for a $3/1 coupon for Nordic Naturals!

Country Life 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

New Chapter 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Look for coupons on these items or ask someone from the personal care department for coupons!

Spectrum Essentials 25% off (5/7/14 ad)

Chia, Fish Oil and Flax are pictured. The coconut oil was NOT included when I visited yesterday.

Use the $2/1 Spectrum Essentials coupon in the Sprouts May Coupon book

Jason Oral Care 40% off (5/14/14 ad)

Lifetime items 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Garden of Life 30% off (5/14/14 ad)

Look for high value coupons in the personal care products department. I’ve seen coupons as high as $5/1. Stack that with the $3/1 from the Sprouts May coupon book for an even better deal!

Avalon Facial Care 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Hair care pack $10.49 (5/14/14 ad)

This stuff smells divine!

Solaray items 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

MRM Items 30% off (5/14/14 ad)

Method items 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 Method coupon in the May Sprouts coupon book

Halo Pet Care 25% off (5/14/14 ad)

Watch for $1/1 item and $2/$5 purchase coupons taped to the bags of pet food!

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