Sprouts Paleo/Primal Food Deals June 11-18

By Christine Springer

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Hello, and welcome to the weekly Sprouts Paleo/Primal deals list! Each week, we look at the Sprouts Ad and create two lists, the Double Ad Wednesday (“DAW”) list and the list for the upcoming week’s best deals. This list is ONLY for the upcoming week.

We don’t list ALL the deals, just the best ones. Our goal is to help you save the most each week on healthy foods. If you’re new to shopping at Sprouts, read How to Save Big at Sprouts first.

Sprouts takes manufacturer coupons and also has a coupon book at the front door near the entrance with store coupons in it. Sometimes you’ll also find the books hanging at the end of the aisles, too. The coupon books are full of store coupons that are only good at Sprouts.

Sprouts does not have an official coupon policy, so I am usually able to use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Your mileage may vary at your store.

Note that I have placed the ad date beside each deal so you can tell how long the prices will be in effect.

Coupon Alert: Did you get the Sprouts e-mail coupons? There is a $1/1 Earthbound Farms Kale that stacks nicely with the coupons on EBFarm.com. This is for the BIG bags of kale.

Also, check your receipts for a survey code. When you take the survey, it nets you a 10% off coupon. This coupon is better than the recent $5/$50 because you don’t have to meet the $50 threshold. I would hand that coupon over first to make sure you get the discount off your total before any other coupons.

Also remember to check the Sprouts Monthly Coupon Listand the Sprouts Monthly Paleo/Primal Deals list.

Here are the best paleo/primal food deals for the week of June 11, 2014:


Larabars 4/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

$ .50/1 Larabar Renola Bars

Christine’s note: I haven’t seen the Renola bars yet at Sprouts as they are a new product, but I will be taking my coupons to the store just in case.

Drew’s Organic Salad Dressing BOGO(6/11/14 ad)

Sprouts Organic Chili 15 oz. $1.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Sprouts Jerky $5.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Sprouts Organic Coconut Oil 14 oz $6.99 each (6/11/14 ad)

Dairy, Alternatives, Refrigerated and Frozen:

Almond Breeze Almond Milk 2/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

Horizon Organic DHA Milk $3.49 (6/11/14 ad)

Greek Yogurt + Chia 6.6 oz 2/$4 (6/11/14 ad)

Almond Dream Frozen Desserts 2/$6 (6/11/14 ad)

Voskos Yogurts 16 oz 2/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

Use the $1/2 from the Sprouts May Coupon Book!

As low as $2 each WYB 2 and use the coupon

TruWhip 2/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 from Common Kindness

As low as $1.50 each WYB one with the coupon

Christine’s note: I haven’t tried this before, because it seems like I never have enough coupons for the product when they have the 2-for deals! I also am not sure how the product tastes, either. Perhaps someone knows? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Pacific Foods Non-Dairy 2/$4 (6/11/14 ad)

Meat, Poultry & Seafood:

Center cut pork loin chops or roast $2.99 lb (6/11/14 ad)

Wild center cut ahi tuna or swordfish steaks $6.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Pork loin baby back ribs $2.99 lb (6/11/14 ad)


Organic Cluster Tomatoes $1.98/lb (6/11/14 ad)

Organic Valencia Oranges 4 lb bag 2/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

Strawberries or blueberries $.98 each (6/11/14 ad)

Organic strawberries or blueberries $2.98 each (6/11/14 ad)

Whole Seedless Watermelons $4.98 each (6/11/14 ad)

Black plums $.98 lb (6/11/14 ad)

California Apricots $.98 lb (6/11/14 ad)

Hass avocadoes $.98 each 6/11/14 ad)

Asparagus $1.98 lb (6/11/14 ad)

Spinach, red or green leaf lettuce $.98 each (6/11/14 ad)

Organic grape tomatoes 2/$5 (6/11/14 ad)

Prepared Foods

Garden Salad $3.99 (monthly deal)

Cobb Salad $3.99 (6/11/14 ad)


Spectrum Chia 10-12 oz $9.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Use the $2/1 from the Sprouts June coupon book

And use the $3/1 Essentials Coupon from Spectrum’s Website, if available

Reserveage Grass Fed Whey Protein $21.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Christine’s note: This isn’t really a sale price. I listed it here because it’s my go-to for protein supplementation. It is AWESOME. I have no problems digesting it, and my Mom likes it, too. It’s usually cheaper when Sprouts has the 25% off Line Drive sales, though.

Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 16 oz. $8.99 (6/11/14 ad)

Look for a $2/1 coupon on a tearpad near the coco oil or near other Jarrow products!

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