Sprouts Paleo/Primal Double Ad Wednesday Deals for June 25, 2014

By Christine Springer

Welcome to the weekly Sprouts Paleo/Primal deals list! Each week, we look at the Sprouts Ad and create two lists, the Double Ad Wednesday (“DAW”) list and the list for the upcoming week’s best deals. This list for this week’s DAW only.

We don’t list ALL the deals, just the best ones. Our goal is to help you save the most each week on healthy foods. If you’re new to shopping at Sprouts, read How to Save Big at Sprouts first.

Sprouts takes manufacturer coupons and also has a coupon book at the front door near the entrance with store coupons in it. Sometimes you’ll also find the books hanging at the end of the aisles, too. The coupon books are full of store coupons that are only good at Sprouts.

Sprouts does not have an official coupon policy, so I am usually able to use both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. Your mileage may vary at your store.

Note that I have placed the ad date beside each deal so you can tell how long the prices will be in effect.

Coupon Alerts:

My Sprouts store was completely OUT of the monthly coupon books, so you may want to print your coupons from home. Here’s a link to the Sprouts coupons.

Did you get the e-mail coupon for 50% off one Spice Hunter Grill Shaker from Sprouts? I had to print the coupon from the e-mail since there is no link. You can also visit Sprouts Facebook page to find this deal, available through TODAY only. I picked up a Grill Shaker last week for $.75! There were Spice Hunter coupons in last Sunday’s paper PLUS they are an even better price this week!

If you don’t have the manufacturer coupon from the newspaper, watch for possible hang tag manufacturer's coupons on the jars. If you don’t see any coupons on the jars in the baking aisle, look for more hanging tag coupons on jars near the deli. My store had quite a few jars with tags near the deli case.

Next, watch your receipts for a survey code. When you take the survey, it nets you a 10% off coupon. This coupon is better than the recent $5/$50 because you don’t have to meet the $50 threshold.

Also remember to check the Sprouts Monthly Coupon List and the Sprouts Monthly Paleo/Primal Deals list.

Here are the best paleo/primal food deals for DAW, June 25, 2014:


Sprouts Spring or Drinking Water 2/$5 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Organic Apple Juice $6.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Orange Juice 2/$6 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Albacore Tuna $1.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Extra Virgin Olive Oil 25% regular retail (6/18/14 ad)

Bulk Foods Apricots, Figs or Dates BOGO (6/18/14 ad)

FYI: Bulk Foods is the brand name of the product.

Sprouts Organic Tahini $5.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 Sprouts Tahini Coupon from the June Coupon Book!

$4.99 after sale and coupon

Sprouts Seaweed Snacks $.99 each (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Coconut Water 6 pack 10 oz. cans $3.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Lemonade $2.49 (6/18/14 ad)

Update: I am not really impressed with this product. It's certainly NOT paleo, but it's a great deal for your non-paleo friends.

Use the $1/1 from the Sprouts June Coupon Book!

$1.49 after coupon

Zevia 2/$6 (6/25/14 ad)

Zevia is a soda sweetened with stevia. This is a staple at my house, although I have been digging the Veri Organic Soda too! If you have the high value $2/1 printable coupons that were previously available, you can get these for $1 per six pack.

There are a couple of other printables you can use, too:

$1/1 Zevia Six Pack

$1/1 Mambo Sprouts

As low as $1 per six pack depending on which coupons you have. The $2 per six pack is still an awesome deal. If you haven't tried these, this is a great price to try it without spending a lot of money.

Knudsen Organic Juice 2/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Kris recently used the apricot in her kombucha and it was yummy!

$1/1 Knudsen Juice

$1.50 each WYB and use the coupon. I am not sure how many prints Mambo will allow you to print, but you may be able to print two.

Pure Organic Bars 4/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Use the $1/2 Pure Organic Bars from Mambo Sprouts

As low as $.50 each WYB 2 and use the Mambo coupon!

Spice Hunter Grill Shakers 2/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Use the Sprouts coupon for 50% off one Spice Hunter Grill Shaker from Sprouts’ Facebook page. Today is the LAST DAY to get this coupon! Stack it with the Spice Hunter coupon from Sunday’s paper, OR look for hanging tags on the products. The jars near the deli had quite a few hanging tags on them.

As low as $.50 each WYB 1 and use both coupons.

Sprouts Condiments 25% off regular retail (6/25/14 ad)

Dairy, Alternatives, Refrigerated and Frozen:

Sprouts Organic Frozen Vegetables $1.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Pictured are corn, peas, and mixed vegetables. I am not sure if they have more varieties.

Sprouts Organic Eggs $3.99 (6/18/14 ad)

These will go fast! Be sure to ask for a rain check if they are out!

Sprouts Organic Frozen Fruit $2.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Silk Almondmilk $2.99 (6/25/14 ad)

There is a $1.50/1 AlmondCoconut or Almond with Protein from Silk from a recent newspaper. I don’t know if these varieties are included with the sale.

There’s also a printable coupon for $1/1 that is no longer available. If you printed it, use it!

As low as $1.49 if Almond Coconut milk blend and/or Almond with Protein are included WYB and use a coupon

So Delicious Creamers $1.99

Check your binders for a $1/1 any So Delicious product from the newspaper to get these for $.99 each! The hazelnut is delish!

Blue Diamond Shelf Stable 2/$4 (6/25/14 ad)

Meat, Poultry & Seafood:

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef $4.99 (6/18/14 ad) STOCK UP PRICE!

85% Extra Lean Ground Beef (6/25/14 ad) $4.99

Note that you can get the Organic Grass Fed Beef for the SAME PRICE as conventional on DAW!

Boneless, skinless chicken breast $2.49 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast or tenders $2.99 (6/25/14 ad)

You should automatically get the lower price from last week on DAW.

Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $1.99 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Boneless Pork Loin or Roast $2.99 lb (6/25/14 ad)

You should automatically get the lower price from last week on DAW.

Chicken Drumsticks or Whole Legs $.99 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Wild Caught Mahi-Mahi $3.99 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Wild Caught Halibut $7.99 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Conventional Produce:

Apricots $.48 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Raspberries 2/$3 (6/18/14 ad)

Cherries $1.98 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Cherries $1.98 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Yellow Mangoes $.48 each (6/18/14 ad)

Yellow Mangoes 2/$1 (6/25/14 ad)

Avocadoes or Navel Oranges $.98 each/lb respectively (6/18/14 ad)

Seedless Grapes $1.48 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Strawberries, Blueberries or Blackberries 2/$5 (6/18/14 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes 2 lbs/$3 (6/18/14 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes $.88 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Sprouts Mini Bagged Peppers 2/$5

Blueberries $.88 each (6/25/14 ad)

Yellow Nectarines $.88 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Large Navel Oranges $.88 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Asparagus $1.88 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Romaine, Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $.88 each (6/25/14 ad)

Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Jonagold apples $.98 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Whole Seedless Watermelon $3.98 each (6/25/14 ad) I have been juicing watermelon this summer in my juicer and adding a little stevia to sweeten it. Watermelon is great for hydration, which we all need in the desert!

Celery or Eggplant $.98 each (6/25/14 ad)

Cherry or Sunburst Tomatoes 2/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Organic Produce:

Organic Red or Green Grapes $2.88 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Organic Red Mangoes $.88 each (6/18/14 ad)

Organic Strawberries $2.88 each (6/18/14 ad)

Organic Yellow or Red Onions $.98 lb (6/18/14 ad)

Organic Bartlett Pears 2 lbs/$3 (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Organic Boxed Salads 2/$5 (6/18/14 ad)

Blueberries 2/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Cantaloupe 2 lbs for $1 (6/25/14 ad)

Red or Green Seedless Grapes $2.98 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Red Mangoes $.98 each (6/25/14 ad)

Yellow Peaches or Pluouts $2.98 lb (6/25/14 ad)

Strawberries, Blackberries and Raspberries 2/$5 (6/25/14 ad)

Prepared Foods

Garden Salad $3.99 (monthly deal)

Chicken Caesar Salad $3.99 (6/18/14 ad)

Chef Salad $4.99 (6/25/14 ad)


Remember to check the Sprouts Monthly Coupon List and the Sprouts Monthly Paleo/Primal Dealsfor even more H&B deals.

Bach’s Remedies 25% off regular retail (6/18/14 ad)

Sprouts Brand Supplements or Vitamins 25% off regular retail (6/18/14 ad)

Crystal Deodorant 25% off regular retail (6/25/14 ad)

Spectrum Chia Seeds $8.99 (6/25/14 ad)

If you printed the $3/1 from Spectrum’s website this is a good time to use it! It’s no longer available.

Stack with the $2/1 from the Sprouts coupon book

As low $3.99 per bag WYB 1 and use both coupons

Alive Gummies $12.99 (6/25/14 ad)

Use $2/1 any Alive Multivitamin from coupons.com

$9.99 WYB one and use a coupon

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