Best Back to School Deals at Staples - Week of July 13

By Christine Springer

Welcome to this week’s post on the best back to school deals at Staples! If you want to maximize your back to school savings this year, check out my post on How to Save BIG on Back to School. Be sure you sign up for the Staples Rewards to get your Easy Rebates this year!

This year, Staples will be tough to beat on school supplies! They have announced a 110% price match guarantee, which includes online retailers like

Staples will price match items sold and shipped by or any retailer who sells products in both retail stores and online under the same brand. Just show the price to the Staples Customer Service at the time of your purchase. For online purchases call 800-333-3330.

You will also receive an additional 10% off the difference between the Staples price and the competitor price. The 110% must be done at the time of purchase.

If you purchase an item at Staples and it is then advertised at Staples (in-stores or online) for a cheaper price within 14 days, they will refund you the difference.

In my experience with price matching, some stores advertise that they will match other retailers’ prices, but they usually have to be in the print ad, and you need to take the ad with you to the store. It’s usually a hassle and not worth the extra time for me. Not only that, but these policies usually don’t include prices from online retailers or a brick-and-mortar store’s online pricing.

If you need a new PC or other tech, back to school season will be a great time to get that item and get a great deal! If you see a great deal on something elsewhere, Staples will match that price and give you an extra 10% off.

Also, Staples has coupons! Go here to look for Staples coupons on the weekly deals. Right now, the coupons at the link expire on July 12, so check back on Sunday to see the new offers for the upcoming week!

Also, when I went to Office Depot on Sunday, they were already out of several of the deals offered. If you can get there early on Sunday, you have the best shot at getting all the deals you want before they are gone. I don't see any quantity limits in the ad, so stock up if you see something you know you will use. There is no minimum purchase threshold this week to get the low prices, either.

Here are the best school supply deals I see for Staples for the week of July 13, 2014:

Buy any backpack and save 25% off your school supplies.

Staples notebooks .17 cents

This is the lowest price I’ve ever seen on notebooks. Usually, Fry’s will have single subject notebooks for .19 cents, so this is a good price. Stock up for the whole school year at this price!

Beveled Wood Ruler .25 cents

School Glue .39 cents

Crayola Crayons 24 ct .25 cents each

Bic Mechanical Pencils 4 pk $1

Sliding Pencil Cases .75 cents

Crayola Colored Pencils .97

Graph Paper $1.76

Bic Cristal Pens $1

Usually there are Bic coupons around back to school that make these free. Without coupons, this is an average price for pens. If you can wait, I’d wait for a coupon on these.

Staples Five Outlet Power Strip $5

16G USB Flash Drive $8

2 Pack Black Sharpies $1.99

Submit for Easy Rebate for $1.99 and these are free! Details print on your receipt. These will probably go fast, so get there early!

Staples Standard 1’ View Binders $1.99 when you recycle an old binder

If you don’t have binders to recycle, consider stopping at the dollar store for some cheap ones to recycle.

Staples Better Binders

These are my FAVORITE binders. I used these for a couple of years for coupons before I decided to spring for a zippered binder. These come in nice colors, and have a rubberized edge to keep them from sliding all over the place. They also last a long time – I used one for well over a year before I decided to switch to another color for a new year.

These prices are after a $2 recycled binder credit. The ad doesn’t list the larger binders, but surely they would give you the binder credit on the big 3’ binders.

If you don’t have any old binders to trade in, visit the dollar store before to see if they have any binders you can exchange for the credit.

1’ $5.99
1.5’ $6.99
2’ $8.99

Crayola Washable Art Supplies $2 each, includes:

20 pack fine markers
Crayons 24 ct
Large Crayons 8 pk
Ultra Clean Washable Markers Bold/Broad line 8 pk
Ultra Clean Washable Markers Fine Point (skinny) 8 pk

Paper Mate Magic Rub Erasers 3 pk $1

Single Ream of Staples Paper $2 after coupon in the ad and Easy Rebate

20% off PC's, Tablets or Mobile Phones

Brother HL 2240 Mono Laser Printer $69.99

This isn’t the best price on this printer, but it’s pretty good! This is my favorite printer for coupons. I can purchase a refilled/recycled toner cartridge at Cartridge World for about $40 and it prints up to 7000 pages. Plus, my Cartridge World sends quarterly coupons for toner. Read more about how to save money on printing.

Here’s a deal idea:

Buy one backpack for $19.99 (lowest priced one, there are others)

Get the printer for 25% off, or $52.52, plus the rest of your school supplies will also be 25% off.