Sprouts Double Ad Wednesday Paleo/Primal Deals for July 23, 2014

By Christine Springer

It's hot in Phoenix. Doesn't the image in this post make you feel cooler?

Welcome to this week's Double Ad Paleo/Primal deals list for Sprouts for Wednesday, July 23, 2014! Today is my favorite day to shop at Sprouts because last week’s deals overlap with the upcoming week’s deals. It’s like two weeks’ worth of sales on one day, which saves you time and money.

This is the LAST DAY to get the $4.99 deal on organic grass fed ground beef and the Suja juice deal.

I don't list ALL the deals, just the best ones. Here are the best Paleo/Primal deals I see for the today, Double Ad Wednesday July 23:


Large Cantaloupes 4/$5 (7/16/14 ad)

Blueberries $1.98 for large 18 oz package (7/16/14 ad)

Large Navel Oranges, Bartlett Pears, Red and Yellow Peppers $.48 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Red Mangoes or Hass Avocadoes $.98 each (7/16/14 ad)

Pineapples $1.98 each (7/16/14 ad)

Yellow or White Onions $.48 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Whole Seedless Watermelons $3.98 each (7/16/14 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes 2/$3 (7/16/14 ad)

Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries 3/$5 (7/23/214 ad)

Apple Pears or Honey Mangoes 3/$1 (7/23/214 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes $.98/lb (7/23/214 ad)

Cherries $1.98 lb (7/23/214 ad)

Cantaloupes 3/$5 (7/23/214 ad)

Apricots 2 lbs/$3 (7/23/214 ad)

Whole Seedless Watermelon $3.98 each (7/23/214 ad)

Pineapples 2/$5 (7/23/214 ad)

Organic Produce:

Curly Green, Red or Lacinato Kales $.98 each (7/16/14 ad)

Black Plums $.98 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Strawberries or Blueberries $2.98 for 6 oz pkg (7/16/14 ad)

Grape Tomatoes 2/$5 (7/16/14 ad)

Bartlett Pears $.98 lb (7/23/214 ad)

Strawberries 2/$5 (7/23/214 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes $1.98 lb (7/23/214 ad)

Organic Celery or Bunched Gold Beets with Tops $.98 each (7/23/214 ad)


Larabars 4/$5 (7/16/14 ad)

Check your binders for coupons – they are NLA to print, so use them if you already printed them. I have a coupon that is good through 8/2 in my binder.

Spice Hunter Cleansing Spices 25% off reg. retail (7/23/214 ad)

Check your binders for newspaper coupons. There are also hanging coupons on the products themselves. If you don’t see any in the baking aisle, check near the deli area for a display with coupons.

California Ranch Olive Oil BOGO (7/23/214 ad)

Expect to pay full retail for one of these since you’re getting the second one free. If you store is out, be sure to ask for a rain check!


Wild Caught Center Cut Ahi Tuna $6.99 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Organic Grass Fed Ground Beef $4.99 lb (7/16/14 ad) STOCK UP PRICE! Get a rain check if they are out!

Chicken Breast Tenders $2.99 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Fresh Lamb 20% off (7/16/14 ad)

New York Steak $7.99 lb (7/16/14 ad)

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $2.99 lb (7/23/214 ad)

93% Lean Ground Sirloin $3.99 (7/23/214 ad)

Wild Large Mahi Mahi Filets $3.99 lb (7/23/214 ad)

Assorted Pork Chops Bone In $2.99 lb (7/23/214 ad)

We prefer the bone-in chops at my house. The bone helps keeps the pork from drying out during cooking. It’s not hard to dry out pork.

Grass Fed Roast Sale $5.99 (7/23/214 ad) STOCK UP PRICE!

I haven’t seen grass fed roast at Sprouts before, and this is a great price for grass fed beef. This is a great deal if you want something besides the grass fed ground beef deal that ends today.

Frozen, Dairy and Alternatives:

Suja Juice $5.99 (7/16/14 ad)

Use Ibotta to get $1 back!

So Delicious Coconut Milk 2/$5 (7/16/14 ad)

Use the recent $1/1 coupon from the newspaper

Use Ibotta to get $1 back!

As low as $.50 each WYB 1, use a $1/1 coupon AND rebate from Ibotta!

So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt 4/$5 (7/16/14 ad)

Use the recent $1/1 coupon from the newspaper

Use Ibotta to get $1 back!

As low as $.25 each WYB 1, use a $1/1 coupon AND rebate from Ibotta!

Lifeway Kefir $2.99 (7/23/214 ad)

Use the coupons from Mambo Sprouts. I have $1/1 coupons in my binder that will expire at the end of July.

Final price: $1.99 WYB 1 and use $1/1 coupon

R.W. Knudsen Just Juice $3.99 (7/23/214 ad)

Use the $1/1 coupon from Mambo Sprouts

Final Price: $2.99

Kevita Probiotic Beverages 2/$5 (7/23/214 ad)

Use the $1/1 coupons from CommonKindness.com! Usually I am only able to get one print of each coupon per week, so if you want to stock up, print one from several computers.

Final Price: $1.50 WYB 1 and use $1/1 coupon

Health and Beauty Deals:

This week, there’s a Vitamin and Body Care Extravaganza, which means EVERYTHING in the personal care and supplement department is 25%. The monthly deals are not in effect during this sale, but you CAN use coupons.

Don’t forget the coupons in July’s Sprouts Coupon Book, including a $2/1 Sprouts brand supplement. There are also lots of body care coupons in the book, too. I am looking forward to scoring some deals! Remember to ask for a rain check if your store is out of something. Sprouts’ rain checks never expire.

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