Sprouts Double Ad Wednesday Paleo/Primal Deals for August 13, 2014

By Christine Springer

Welcome to this week's list of paleo/primal deals! The deals in this post are for Double Ad Wednesday, August 13, 2014.

There are quite a few new printable coupons in August, and many have reset several times, which means more prints and more deals! Check out Kris' roundup of new printable paleo coupons, and I posted a list of coupons and Sprouts paleo monthly deals for August last week.

For this month, I will be combining everything into one long list. You might notice that there were a couple of Sprouts lists with different deals, but this month I am going to make this list longer so you can maximize your time in the store. Hopefully you are shopping on Double Ad Wednesday to get the most mileage out of your shopping trips.

I don't list ALL the deals, just the best ones. This week, Sprouts is having its Frozen Frenzy, which is 20% off everything in the frozen section. The 20% off is a discount on the current prices, which is different than the usual discount off regular retail. For those of you with kids or non-paleos in the house, there are nice deals on gluten free bread or pizzas, non-dairy and dairy desserts. This is a great time to stock up.

Also, don't forget to take the survey on the bottom of your receipt! It nets you a 10% off your purchase, which comes off after your coupons and discounts. It's a nice bonus on top of the sale prices and coupons.

If you're interested in essential oils, watch for clearance priced items at your store. One entire line was clearanced and I found some as low as $2 each.

Here are the best deals I see for Double Ad Wednesday, August 13:


Red or Green Seedless Grapes $.78 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Raspberries or Blueberries 2/$3 (8/6/14 ad)

Apricots or Pluots $.98 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Whole Seedless Watermelon $3.98 each (8/6/14 ad)

Beefsteak tomatoes $.98 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Spinach, romaine, red or green lettuce 4/$5 (8/6/14 ad)

Grape Tomatoes 4/$5 (8/6/14 ad)

Hatch Chilies Mild or hot, $.78 lb (8/13/14 ad)

Cantaloupes 2/$1 (8/13/14 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes $.98 lb (8/13/14 ad)

Side note: if you go on DAW, the organic cluster tomatoes are only $1 more.

Gala Apples or Bartlett Pears $.98 lb (8/13/14 ad)

Blueberries, Raspberries or Strawberries 2/$3 (8/13/14 ad)

Are you signed up for the Berry Community from Driscoll's? Take surveys and get coupons you can print from home. A couple of weeks ago I got rasperries for just $.50 each during a sale. Be sure to save your cartons for the surveys! They value of the coupons will go up as you take more surveys.

If the berries included in the sale are Driscoll's, use your coupons to get these as low as $1 each!

Grape Tomatoes 2/$3 (8/13/14 ad)

These were 4/$5 last week, so on DAW you'll get that price since it's lower than the upcoming week's price.

Aussie Navel Oranges or Minneola Tangelos 2 lbs $3 (8/13/14 ad)

Yellow or White Peaches 2/$3 (8/13/14 ad)

Roses $5.99 for 12 stems (8/13/14 ad)

Organic Produce:

Chiquita Bananas $.68 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Cluster Tomatoes $1.98 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Strawberries $2.98 each (8/6/14 ad)

Large Mangoes 2/$3 (8/6/14 ad)

Red Plums $.98 lb. (8/13/14 ad)

Large Mangoes 2/$3 (8/13/14 ad) (same as last week)

Red or Gold Beets with Tops $.98 each (8/13/14 ad)

If you juice, the tops are very good for you! I recently made Beet Kvass with organic red beets.

Dairy, Alternatives, Refrigerated and Frozen:

Frozen Frenzy this week, so you get 20% off the current prices of these items! Buy on DAW for an AWESOME deal on frozen goodies!

Almond Breeze 2/$5 (8/6/14 ad)

Check your binders for a $1/1 printable that's NLA! Mine expires on 8/13

Or use $.55/1 here

As low as $1.50 each WYB 2 and use two $1/1 printables!

Three Twins Ice Cream 2/$7 (8/6/14 ad)

Use the $1/1 from CommonKindness.com! Print (2) $1/1 (you'll need two computers) and stack with the Sprouts store coupon for a great deal on ice cream!

As low as $2 each WYB 2 and use three coupons!

Update: With the 20% off, the price for two pints should be $5.60. Print two coupons from the Common Kindness link and stack with the Sprouts store coupon to get two pints for $2.60 or just $1.30 EACH! on DAW!

Cascadian Farm Frozen Organic Vegetables 3/$5 (8/6/14 ad)

Print (2) $.75/1 Cascadian Farm Products

As low as $.92 each WYB 2 and use two coupons!

Update: With the Frozen Frenzy, the price on these drops to $.72 each on DAW! I bought two of the stir fry blends last week.

So Delicious Dairy Free Frozen Desserts So Delicious Coconut Milk Dessert is $5.49 in August

Use the $1/1 Sprouts Coupon from the August Coupon book


$1/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product - SS 6/15


$0.55/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product


$0.55/1 So Delicious Dairy Free Product

And submit for $1 cash back rebate from Ibotta!

As low as $3.49 WYB 1 and use the $1/1 store and manufacturer coupons!

Update: With the Frozen Frenzy deal, these should be $4.41, then use a combination of the coupons above. If you have the newspaper coupon, get these for as low as $1.91 each on DAW after sale, coupons and Ibotta!!

Jolly Llama Non-dairy ice cream $3.99

This isn't in any ad, but I saw it on sale last week while I was in the store. With the frozen frenzy, these should be $3.21, PLUS, use this BOGO coupon for Jolly Llama to get these for $1.60 EACH!

Pie Pops About $3.99

These aren't on sale, but there's a $1.50 rebate from Ibotta! With the Frozen Frenzy, these are just $1.71 after the Ibotta rebate!

Kevita Probiotic Beverages About $2.99

Use the $1/1 Kevita from Common Kindness

Submit for $.50 cash rebate from Ibotta!

$1.50 each after coupons and rebate!

Naked Juice Around $3.49 reg. price

Use $1/1 15.2 oz Naked Juice
$1/1 Naked Juice Product

And use the $1/1 from the August Sprouts Coupon Book!

About $1.50 each WYB 1 and use both coupons! Plus, check your Ibotta gallery for cash back!

Horizon Organic Shelf Stable Milk 8 oz. (8/6/14 ad)$1 each

Kind Bars 4/$5 (8/6/14 ad)

Mamma Chia Chia Squeezes 2/$3 (Monthly Deal)

Use $1/2 Mamma Chia Squeezes!

$1.00 each WYB 2

Kris says to fill out this form and Mamma Chia will send you a bunch of $1/2 coupons in the mail! She received about 10!

Orgain Kids Shakes $1.49 (Monthly deal)

Use the $1/1 Orgain coupon in the August Sprouts Coupon book to get these shelf stable protein drinks for $.49 each!

San-J Gluten Free Asian Cooking Sauces Unsure of price, will update. Not on sale, but some nice coupons stacks if you need these items for your pantry.

Use $0.55/1 Asian Cooking Sauce


$0.55/1 Asian Cooking Sauce


$0.55/1 San-J Gluten Free Asian Cooking Sauce, Any 10 Oz - Mambo Sprouts Spring or Summer 2014 coupon booklets

Lifeway Probugs Pouches Unsure of price, will update! I listed these because there are some nice stacks on these items. Not sure if there is a sale coming up, but these coupons make for some nice deals.

Use $1/1 Lifeway Probugs Pouches


$0.50/1 Probugs Kefir


Use $1/1 Lifeway Probugs Blast 4-pack


$0.50/1 Probugs 4-pack


$1/2 Probugs Pouch 4 packs - Mambo Sprouts Spring & Summer 2014 Coupon Booklets

Noosa Yogurt $1.79 (8/13/14 ad)

This is a great price, but if Sprouts has either the coconut or pineapple variety, use this BOGO Noosa coupon to get two! We love the lemon flavor around here.

Side note: one day I was shopping in Sprouts and was looking at Greek Gods yogurt (which is also divine!) and the President of Sprouts (the tall guy in the back in the top photo) happened to be in the store showing some investors/stakeholders around the store. He insisted that Noosa was better than Greek Gods and insisted I try it in the store. A spoon was produced and I tried it. It was pretty good and I got to take the rest home!

Larabars 4/$5 (8/13/14 ad)

Dream Non-Dairy Shelf Stable Drinks Selected items, $1.99 (8/13/14 ad)

Sweet Leaf Tea 4/$5 (8/13/14 ad)

If you still have the printable Sweet Leaf Tea from Mambo Sprouts (NLA) for 1/$3, use it to get these for $.91 each WYB 3 and use the coupon.

Tasty Bite Entrees 2/$4 (8/13/14 ad)

I like the cooked rice pouches, but I am not sure if they are part of this deal.

Use the $1/1 Tasty Bite on Hopster.com (If you want the best deal, print 2 coupons from two devices)

And use the $2/3 from the August Sprouts coupon book

As low as $.66 each WYB 3 and use (3) 1/$1 and the Sprouts coupon!

Happy Baby Pouches 4/$5 (8/13/14 ad)

Use (2) $1/2 Happy Baby pouches

$.75 each WYB 4 and use both coupons!

Back to School Snacks 30% of Select Gluten Free Snack items (8/13/14 ad)

Pictured: Glutino, Pamela's, Barney Butter (Almond Butter), Go Picnic, Enjoy Life, Rudi's

I know these aren't all paleo, but if you're anything like me, sometimes you want a snack but without wheat. Or, you live with someone with a gluten sensitivity or your kids are constantly scorching you for junk food and you want something "better" than the average snack.

I am a fan of Pamela's gluten free cookies, and there's also a gluten free Go Picnic snack box. The snack boxes are great for traveling. Sometimes the hardest thing about Paleo is that there aren't a lot of quick items that fit into your diet.

There's a $1/1 Rudi's Organic item in the August Sprouts Coupon Book, along with a $1/1 Rudi's printable from Mambo. Their bakery items are usually in the frozen section.

If you have the Mambo Coupon Books that were mailed out, there are Enjoy Life coupons in there. Check your binders to see what you have!

There are also several Enjoy Life Ibotta rebates:

$1 on Decadent Bars $.75 on Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies $1.50 on Crunchy Flax $$.75 on Seed Fruit (Not Nuts) $.75 on Soft Baked Cookies $.75 on Cocoa Loco Bars

If you like these items, it's a great time to stock up and save a lot!


Wild Large Lobster Tails $5.99 each (8/6/14 ad)

Ahi Tuna Steaks $7.99 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Fresh Sockeye Salmon or Extra Large Shrimp $9.99 lb (8/6/14 ad)

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast $2.99 (8/6/14 ad)

85% Lean Ground Beef $3.99 (8/6/14 ad)

Applegate Natural Uncured Hot Dogs 20% off reg. retail, monthly deal for August

Use $1/1 Applegate Item
$1/1 Applegate Product
$0.75/1 Applegate Item
$0.75/1 Applegate Item

Fresh Boneless Chicken 40% off reg price (8/13/14 ad)

Chemical Free Peruvian Sea Scallops $6.99 lb (8/13/14 ad)

Grass Fed Sirloin Tip Roast or STEAK $5.99 lb STOCK UP PRICE! (8/13/14 ad) Ask for a rain check if they are out!

93% Lean Ground Sirloin $5.99 (8/13/14 ad)

Port Spare Ribs, Boneless Pork Sirloin Chops or Roast $2.99 (8/13/14 ad)

Health, Beauty, Pets and Household Deals:

Omega Sale 25% off regular retail (8/6/14 ad)

Includes select vitamins and supplements with omega fatty acids

Himalaya Herbals 20% regular retail (Aug 7-27th)

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent $9.99 (8/6/14 ad)

Look for $2/1 hanging tag coupons on the dish soap!

Halo Pet Products 25% off regular retail (8/6/14 ad)

Watch for $1/1 and $1/2 coupons taped to the bags of pet food!

Nutrition Now B Complex Gummies or Rhino Gummies $6.99 (8/13/14 ad)

Use the $3/1 Gummy Vitamin in the Sprouts August Coupon Book!

And use the $1/1 Nutrition Now from Mambo's summer coupon book!

As low as $2.99 WYB 1 and use both coupons. Still an awesome deal with the just the store coupon at $3.99!

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