Welcome to Our New Partner, Wildfire Crossfit!

By Christine Springer

I am super excited to share this post with you, because it represents a huge personal milestone for me.

I am pleased to announce that Coupons for Paleo has its first ever partner, Wildfire Crossfit!

I know that a lot of people are Paleo but aren't into crossfit. For me, crossfit was a natural extension of going Paleo. Coupons for Paleo was born at Wildfire, so it's a very good fit with the mission of CFP.

The photo above is from my recent personal record ("PR") of 200 lbs in the deadlift during a workout last week. There were a lot of PR's in the deadlift that day and Coach Tiffany snapped the photo.

Having partnerships such as this one benefits readers because it means I can continue to create content that you want to read and that is useful to you.

As much as there are increasing numbers of coupons for healthy food, the affiliate revenue from the links on this site are nowhere near the value of the content we create.

Aside from the financial aspects of writing this blog, Wildfire has made a big difference to me personally. Beyond exercise and new friends I've made, it's helped me deal with a lot of issues left over from the social and economic changes that we've all been through. I think we've all gone through a lot and it's impacted us all in different ways.

Wildfire's community is amazing. They have helped me open up to other people after all the personal uncertainty I've been through.

There are some nice offers available to you from Wildfire. If you're considering a crossfit gym or any other type of gym membership, I hope you'll check them out before you decide.

First, everyone gets a free week, so you can try out a couple of workouts and then decide if you want to join.

Second, the Saturday morning workouts are open to the public and FREE. The Saturday morning workouts are a bit different than the classes during the week because they are more team focused. If community is important to you, the Saturday workout definitely gives you the opportunity to meet a lot of people from the gym and get a feel for the environment.

Wildfire Crossfit is located in North Phoenix near the 101 and Cave Creek. The address is:

2120 E. Rose Garden Lane
Suite C1
Phoenix, AZ 85024

The phone number is (480) 626-0905.

Check out their website for more details about the class schedule and upcoming events.

You can also like them on Facebook.

By the way: their next Nutrition Challenge kicks off this Saturday, so if you need a push with your eating, be sure to ask them for more information.