Roundup of Cash Back Grocery Rebate Apps

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links! Please use my links to sign up for these apps! Ibotta is a social app, and you'll be on my "team." This gets you access to teamwork bonuses, which means extra cash back.

Did you know? You can get cash back rebates on items you are probably already buying, without clipping coupons. Of course, if you're already clipping, even better. You can use coupons with the rebates!

Take a look at this post I put together awhile ago about how you can use coupons plus rebates to save more on groceries at Sprouts.

Since I started using Ibotta, I have earned a total of $113.00 in cash rebates for buying groceries.

So imagine the excitement when I tell you that there are FIVE rebate apps that cost you nothing to install on your phone!

Frequently, the same deals are available on several apps, allowing you to double and sometimes TRIPLE dip on the rebates using the same receipt on different apps. If you want to use coupons to save more, you can!

The basic premise of these apps is that you buy the promoted item and upload a picture of your receipt and some require you to scan the bar code. It's important for you to keep the receipt and the package until you receive credit in your account for your purchase.

I will be keeping this post updated with new rebate apps to the extent possible and that it makes sense, so check back for more details!

Are you ready to start earning some cash back? Good! Let's get started with the roundup:

1. Ibotta: See my post from January called How to Use Ibotta to Get Cash Back for Groceries. It's been around the longest and is very easy to use.

I like to pronounce it "I-bawt-a." Pretend you're a New Yorker and it'll be fun to say it!

Note that with Ibotta, you are required to scan the bar code of the item, and some offers are restricted to certain stores.

You only have to reach $5 before Ibotta will transfer the money to you. I use Paypal and the money is transferred almost immediately. You can request other payouts, such as Starbucks gift cards, or even use Venmo.

Please use my Ibotta referral link to sign up for my team!

2. Berry Cart This app is specifically for healthier foods you won't find at regular grocery stores. If you shop at Whole Foods or Sprouts, this app has lots of deals for these stores.

Berry Cart only accepts pictures of original receipts that have not been modified. The receipt must be for a purchase that was made within the last week from a valid store displayed in the "Where to Buy" or "Pick a Store" screens on the app. The receipt must be from an in-store purchase.

After you complete a few actions and the upload the receipt for proof of purchase, you can cash out your rewards by transferring your cash reward to your PayPal account or by you can redeem the rewards for other gift cards available in the app.

Please use my Berry Cart referral link to join!

3. Checkout 51 This app only requires you to upload your receipt. There are usually 3-5 deals each week that paleos can use to get cash back for produce. If you buy regular milk, there is frequently a rebate for it.

These are the items you can sometimes double and triple dip for rebates.

Once you're at a $20 balance, you request a check be sent.

A quantity of (1) of each offer is eligible for cash back per member. Each receipt can only be used once. (Note that you can use the same receipt for different apps, but once you submit for the offer you can't use the same receipt.)

Offers are available in limited quantities so check your offer list before you go to see if it’s still available, and upload the receipt immediately after purchase to avoid missing out on the rebate.

You can use Checkout 51 cash back offers with any other coupon or discount unless otherwise stated. Members must buy the products in the United States and submit the receipts while the offers are live.

New offers come out each week, on Wednesdays.

Presently, there is no referral program available in the USA. So, visit your phone's app store to download Checkout 51.

4. Shopmium

This app works similar to the rest with a few notable exceptions.

It is not dependent upon the store, so use it anywhere that provides you with a computerized sales receipt with the name of the store, clear product details and the date and time of the purchase. Sales receipts from small delis or markets are sometimes not accepted since they are prone to fraud attempts.

Cashing out with Shopmium is great because you don't have to wait to get your rebate. Rebate payments are sent directly to your PayPal or bank account right after the offer is processed.

You may only claim each offer once. You must also submit a separate request for each offer even if you have multiple items on the same receipt. Unlike Ibotta or Checkout 51, you have to reuse the receipt to get all your rebates if you are redeeming multiple offers from one transaction.

Shopmium says it takes into account any coupons you used in its final rebate. It's not clear if the rebate amount is reduced if you use a coupon.

New offers come out each week.

Please visit Shopmium to sign up! Use promo code KEHAHCUC to get an offer for a FREE Lindt chocolate bar.

5. Snap by Groupon

Snap also lets users get cash rebates for groceries. You can see their weekly offers available here. You don't have to download the app if you don't have a smartphone. You can submit your receipts by e-mail, too.

Snap by Groupon gives you cash back on everyday grocery purchases regardless of where you shop. The offers work at any store.

Purchase promoted products at any store, snap a photo of your receipt and get cash in your Snap account. Once you reach $20 in your Snap account, the app will send you check.

Please use my promo code to join Snap!