7 Ways to Get More Coupons for Healthy Food

By Christine Springer

I learned to coupon while I was still eating the Standard American Diet, so it made things challenging for awhile budget-wise when I changed my diet. However, it was easier for me to adapt my couponing strategy to paleo than I thought it would be.

The reason I started this blog is because I know there are a lot of people who would like to eat healthier but believe they can't afford to spend the extra money on healthy food. In fact, I overheard people at my gym saying they'd like to go Paleo but couldn't afford to eat that way.

Most of the printable coupons for healthy foods are available on manufacturer's websites. I suspect this is because many of the healthy food companies are smaller operations (for now, anyway -- the company that makes my favorite hot dogs, Applegate, was just snapped up by Hormel, and this is happening to many other companies) and it's more expensive to put coupons on the bigger sites. It's probably cheaper to put coupons on their own websites.

That doesn't mean there aren't valuable coupons for healthy products, however. It just means you might have to go looking for them! If you're looking for a coupon that isn't on our matchups list, here are seven more ways to get more coupons for healthy foods or products you love:

Coupon databases. These are handy websites that aggregate coupon links into one central, searchable database. I like HotCouponWorld.com and use it pretty consistently if I am looking for something.

Google. Perhaps it's a surprise that the search engine works so well great for finding printable coupons. Just search "printable coupon for ____________" (insert brand name) and see what comes up. I'm always surprised to find a printable coupon for something in a Google search, and I think this is an underutilized tool. I find coupons through Google that I notice coupon bloggers miss.

Write to the company. Sending e-mails (or snail mail!) is a good way to contact your favorite brands for coupons.

Sign Up for E-mail Lists Get on e-mail lists of the companies whose products you love. I would set up a separate e-mail account for this, because you definitely don't want all these e-mails in your regular inbox. However, you do need to check it regularly or you'll miss some fantastic coupons. I am usually pleasantly surprised at how many coupons I can print from my coupon e-mail account.

Request Free Coupon Books One program that I know of is Mambo Sprouts, which mails out coupon books several times a year. You can sign up here, but the list is closed for the summer. This will probably open up again for Fall soon. These are very nice high value coupons.

Use Store Coupons If you aren't using store coupons (Sprouts, Target, CVS) you are definitely MISSING OUT. Stacking coupons (using more than one discount for ONE item) is my favorite way to save even more money.

If you were worried about the changes to Fry's and Safeway's coupon policies, consider doing your grocery shopping at Target instead -- I think their deals are hard to beat because you can use a Target store coupon, a Cartwheel offer, AND a manufacturer coupon one ONE item. (I plan to add more shopping lists in the future for both Target and CVS, so stay tuned for that!)

Newspapers These are last on my list because they haven't been that good lately and because I find many more printable coupons for healthy food than I find in the newspapers. However, the newspapers do have a lot of coupons for non-food items, which is a great way to lower your household expenses for things like toilet paper. When you lower your expenses on these items, you have more room for healthier and more expensive foods in your budget.

I will add more to the list if I think of other ways to get more coupons. I hope this helps!