Paleo Deals at Sprouts for November 30

I am thrilled to announce that I've created and just uploaded this week's list of Paleo deals matched with coupons for the week ahead.

It doesn't look like there was an ad last week, so this week's list is for the week ahead only.

There is a new Monthly Deals booklet coming later this week, along with an overlapping ad next week, so look for a longer list next week.

This week is a great week to practice your couponing skills before things get crazy!

The best deals this week include Arizona grown rump roast, Pirate's Booty (definitely NOT Paleo, but non GMO and TASTY!), and probiotics.

The coupon deals in this week's list total $18.60!

This week's list is $1.99 and is available for purchase using the button below:

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